Why Should You Become a Member?

So, you’re thinking about joining the Chamber of Commerce, but you’re not sure how you can manage to fit one more thing into your busy schedule?  Membership offers numerous benefits, and allows both business owners and citizens a chance to work together to grow a thriving community.  In the list below, we have provided some key points to help you decide if joining is something worth making time for:

  • Credibility.  You get a chance to increase positive perception among consumers and business to business partners
  • Your business will get more visibility in the community
  • Network with others and attend training sessions
  • Gain a voice in the local government
  • Stay informed about community events via email newsletter
  • Attend Chamber events and programs
  • Network with others and attend training sessions
  • Gain a voice in local government
  • Updates and information sent out via our email newsletter
  • Be a part of Chamber meetings and programs
  • Qualify for valuable discounts on products and services from our Chamber members


A chance to grow your business with the help of the Chamber by using the following:

  • Member discounts from participating businesses
  • News articles in our monthly email newsletter
  • Front page article on the Chamber home page
  • Article on the Chamber social media page
  • Network lunches
  • Job posting on the Chamber website
  • Discount for sponsoring Chamber events for more exposure
  • A YouTube 30 second advertisement on our channel
  • Ribbon cutting for new businesses
  • Discount advertising in the monthly newsletter
  • The Chamber is designed to represent you at local government meetings

Individuals / Families

A chance to get involved in your community, you and your family will get the following:

  • Membership discounts at local participating businesses
  • Monthly newsletter letting you know of upcoming events and things going on in the community
  • A chance to post a resume for local businesses
  • Community blog with what is going on in the community
  • Homeowners welcome package with information about the community and events
  • Free / discounted entry into events that require a ticket
  • Monthly gift of the month by local businesses